Cleveland, OH (November/December 2018) – Terri Lastovka will be presenting the Implications of the New Tax Laws on Divorce at the Annual Bernard I Rosen Domestic Relations Institute (sponsored by the Akron Bar Association) on November 12, 2018 in Akron, Ohio and at the Annual Domestic Relations Seminar (sponsored by the Lorain County Bar Association) at Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio on December 11, 2018.

Cleveland, OH (October 2018) – Terri Lastovka will be presenting at the International Conference of the American Society of Appraisers in Anaheim, CA about the Appraisal Review & Management (ARM) credential – Building your ARM Practice.

Cleveland, OH (May 2017) – Valuation & Litigation Consulting is excited to announce that Terri Lastovka as achieved the Appraisal Reviewer designation of ARM-BV through the American Society of Appraisers.  ARM-BV stands for Appraisal Review & Management – Business Valuation. An Appraisal Reviewer looks at conformity to regulations, standards and objectively analyzes the methodology and logic contained in another’s appraisal report.

Cleveland, OH (October 2016) – Terri Lastovka will be presenting Creative Uses of Tax Returns and Related Documents to Discover and Value Assets to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (Ohio Chapter).  More than 350 attorneys, magistrates and judges attended the annual Harold R. Kemp Annual Family Law Symposium sponsored by the AAML.

Cleveland, OH (August 2015) – The American Bar Association published an article in its July/August 2015 issue of GPSolo Magazine that was authored by Terri Lastovka.   Entitled “The Best Software and Apps for Family Lawyers” discusses how technology can help compute alimony and child support, streamline communication, and coordinate visitations.

Cleveland, OH (April 2015) – VLC is pleased to announce Terri Lastovka’s affiliation with Wevorce as both a Lead Architect and a Fiscal Architect.   Wevorce helps couples ensure their divorce is less damaging to themselves, their finances and the people they love. With Wevorce you are guided step-by-step through the process with as much — or as little — help as you need.  When necessary, couples are connected with other legal, co-parenting and financial experts to help untangle even your biggest challenges.  It is a proprietary 5-step process with web-based technology.

Cleveland, OH (February 2015) – The American Bar Association published an article in its January/February 2015 issue of GPSolo Magazine that was authored by Terri Lastovka.   Entitled “Collaborative Law: A New Approach to Divorce” discusses how collaborative law’s interest-based bargaining focuses on meeting everyone’s underlying concerns and needs.

Cleveland, OH (November 2010) – Terri Lastovka completed the extensive training sponsored by the Supreme Court of Ohio qualifying her to mediate divorces.  The training consisted of Mediation Fundamentals (3 days), Family and Divorce Mediation (5 days), Domestic Violence in Mediation (2 days), and Financial Issues in Mediation (1 day twice).

Cleveland, OH (October 2009) – Terri Lastovka successfully completed AAA University’s Expedited Commercial Arbitrator Panel Training and now serves on the Neutral Panel of the American Arbitration Association available to serve as Arbitrator of commercial cases for complaints up to $75,000.

Cleveland, OH (August 2007) – Terri Lastovka completed the extensive Basic and Advance Training in Collaborative Law.  This training qualifies her to participate in a collaborative process as a Financial Neutral to assist the divorcing parties in developing effective property divisions as well as meaningful child support and spousal support that meets both party’s needs and interests without court intervention.

Cleveland, OH (September 2007) – Terri Lastovka opened the office of Valuation & Litigation Consulting, LLC. VLC provides business valuation services to closely held companies for estate planning, probate, domestic relations, shareholder disputes, succession planning, and buy/sell arrangements. VLC also works closely with clients and their attorneys to support the financial aspects of their cases in litigation, and to effectuate appropriate settlements. VLC’s new office is located at the I-480/I-77 cloverleaf at 600 E. Granger Road. For more information, please contact Terri at